Ceiling fan pull chain

Details of ceiling fan pull chain

Many people knows that ceiling fan pull chain is a very important part of ceiling fan light.It plays the role of control switch and decorative fan.So know more information of ceiling fan pull chain can help you choose a suitable ceiling fan pull chain to fit your ceiling fan and make your ceiling fan more pretty!When your house or office have a nice ceiling fan light with a pretty ceiling fan pull chain,you will be very happy and feel relax.This product can give you many good benefits.

Ceiling fan pull chain have pull chain and an ornament.The pull chain material usually is metal,most is copper.And have many colors,like brass color,silver color,antique brass color,ORB color and so on.The ornament material usually have plastic,metal,wooden,glass,crystal and so on.The ornament shape is also different,Circle, triangle, cylinder, cube, and many irregular shapes.

The pull chain length usually is 30cm-36cm,also according to your demand,to add or reduce length.And the color will also according to your ceiling fan ,different ceiling fan fit different color pull chain.Also you can check your demand,custom your demand pull chain material and color.By the way, if you feel the pull chain round beads not fit your demand,you can tell your design and make your custom pull chain.

Plastic material ceiling fan pull chain ornament

The most material of plastic material is PU material,is better than PVC material.Most ceiling fan pull chain ornament is produce by PU material.Because PU material has better elasticity, density and hardness, more importantly, it is environmentally friendly and can be degraded.

PU material can be made into balls of various sizes, such as basketball, football, baseball, rugby, etc., which is very popular among sports enthusiasts.

PU materials can also be made into animals of various sizes, such as dolphins, fish, tortoises, rabbits, elephants, monkeys, etc., and are also very popular among animal lovers.

Of course, the PU material can also be made into many other styles of decorations, and it can also be customized according to your needs. Choosing PU materials can not only get many styles, but the most important thing is that it can be degraded for environmental protection.

Metal material ceiling fan pull chain ornament

Metal material usually use copper,iron,zinc alloy, aluminum alloy.These materials make many ceiling fan pull chain ornament.

Metal material also make many different size and shape ornament.Usually make many different animal and Small toys & small accessories.

Why choose metal material ?Because metal material can produce more vivid animals, small toys, small accessories, make your experience better.

Glass&crystal material ceiling fan pull chain ornament

Glass&crystal material make many ornament for ceiling fan pull chain,is very popular in the world when people choose ceiling fan pull chain.

The advantage of glass and crystal materials is that you can make cylinders, cuboids, cubes, spheres, irregular three-dimensional figures, etc.

These three-dimensional decorations can be transparent, various patterns can be added on the inside, or various colors can be added on the outside, which is very attractive. Because of this, many people choose glass and crystal materials.

Other material of ceiling fan pull chain ornament

Other material include wooden material,glass with metal,crystal with metal and so on.Wooden materials can make people experience the breath of nature, and the combination of materials can bring you more design experience.So also have many people choose these material ornament for their ceiling fan pull chain.

Other topic about ceiling fan pull chain

We all know that ceiling fan pull chain is very important for our life.So they are many topics of this product that we can have a talking.If you have any ideas that we can go on have a talking.

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