How do you replace a stuck pull chain on a light fixture

What do you do when you find that the pull chain on the ceiling fan light is stuck?Call a maintenance person or ask a friend for help? No need at all, because it is easy to replace the pull chain. Follow the steps below and you will quickly learn how to replace the pull chain, and then you can replace the damaged pull chain at any time without worrying about the pull chain being jammed at home.

Please turn off the power

The most fearful thing about doing electrical work is not the work itself, but the danger after exposure to electric current. So be sure to ensure your own safety and never touch any electric current.

So, how can we avoid this potential danger? Make sure to turn off the power before replacing the pull chain, so that we can stay away from the danger of electric current and ensure our safety.

Of course, the safest way is to use a tester to test electrical wires. If the indicator light of the electric tester is on, indicating that the wire is still charged, then we have to confirm whether the power is all off. If the indicator light is off, it means that the wire is out of power, so we can go to the pull chain replacement work with peace of mind.

Carefully remove the bulb, fixtures, cover and accessories in order

Take the bulb out of the electrical box, and then use a screwdriver to take out the cover and accessories in turn from the box. Remove the accessories so that you can access the wires and pull chain more easily without damaging other parts.

Unhook the Wiring

Before unraveling the wiring, please take a photo or write down the wiring diagram of the wiring on a piece of paper. This is very necessary, which can help you avoid connection errors when you reconnect the wires.

Reconnecting the wiring in the wrong location can be very dangerous. So it is best to complete the correct connection work at one time, so that you can be safe.

Replace the old switch and pull chain with a new switch and pull chain

Please pull out the old pull chain and remove the damaged switch. Screw the new switch and thread into the new pull chain. After screwing them to a certain position, pull the new pull chain slightly. This can test that when you continue to work, the pull chain has returned to normal work. Only when the pull chain returns to normal work, you can proceed to the next step.

Reconnect the wires

When replacing lamps, it is important to connect the wires correctly. If the operation is improper, it may cause unnecessary danger and cause the risk of electric shock.

So, how can we avoid this danger? You can refer to the photos taken by us or the wiring installation drawings recorded. This can help us install the wires correctly, and the corresponding wires should be the same color and connected to the ground.

Put all covers, accessories and fixtures back in place

Use a screwdriver to tighten the previously removed cover and accessories, and at the same time twist the clamp to screw the wires into the electrical box, and then screw the clamp to the end cover to ensure that it does not move.

When tightening the screws, please be careful not to use too much force. Because most lids are made of plastic, they can be brittle. , Excessive force will damage the lid.

Reinstall the bulb

This is the easiest job! You just need to reinstall the bulb back!

Turn on the power, pull the pull chain, so it can work normally! All the work is done!

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Post time: Dec-30-2021