What is the part called that holds the lampshade

Lamp harp hold lampshade

What is the part that holds up the lampshade? This is a good question, does anyone know the answer? It's okay, I can tell you. That is the lamp harp, an important part closely related to life, which has an important impact on our life and work.

How much do you know about the lamp harp? We can start discussing and communicating.

The main material of the lamp harp is metal, with a few plastic accessories. Of course, the material of the lamp harp can also be customized according to your needs, stainless steel, iron, copper and other materials can be made.

There are three main shapes of lamp harp, oval, square, irregular polygon. Oval and square are the most common and are suitable for many types of table and floor lamps. The irregular polygon is suitable for various special customized table lamps and floor lamps. This shape will change according to the different needs of customers, and there is no fixed pattern. Because there are many custom-shaped table lamps and floor lamps, the shape of the lamp harp also changes.


Lamp harp two styles

Lamp harps are available in two styles, fixed size and adjustable size.

The smallest fixed size is generally 5 inches, then 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, and so on. The matching regular shapes are square and oval, and of course custom irregular shapes are also available. The size can also be customized according to demand.

The regular sizes for the adjustable size are 7-9 inches, 8-10 inches, 7-10 inches, and these three sizes are hot selling sizes. Of course, it can also be customized according to your own needs, and the matching shape is square.


Lamp harp function

What are the functions of the lamp harp? Maybe we can have a good chat.

The first function of the lamp harp is to place the lamp head and ensure the stability of the lamp head and the bulb. When the lamp head and bulb are stable, the table lamp and floor lamp can be used normally, so this effect is the biggest.

The second function of the lamp harp is to support the lampshade, so that the lampshade has a place to be placed, and the lampshade can be fixed on the top of the table lamp or floor lamp, so that the decoration of the table lamp and the floor lamp can be guaranteed.

The third function of the lamp harp is obvious, that is to connect the bottom and the top, which is an important part and is indispensable.


Lamp harp other information

There is a lot of knowledge about the lamp harp, we must take the time to learn, learn and master to ensure that we are familiar with the lamp harp and use the lamp harp better. This saves us time and money and allows us to solve problems faster.

In addition to understanding the basics of the lamp harp, we must learn more about how to use it and how the lamp harp works in practice. This allows us to continuously grasp and understand the information of the lamp harp, which is very helpful to our life.

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Post time: Mar-28-2022