Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

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More than 10 years ceiling fan pull chain manufacturer. - Manufacture Professional ceiling fan pull chain. We not only provide excellent lamp topper finials products but also ceiling fan pull chain solutions related services.

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Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

Our ceiling fan pull chain and lamp pull chain are made with our 12-inch long ball chain. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality ceiling fan pull chain traction chains.

These pull chains are typically 12 feet long, have a ball chain connector attached to one end, and are available in a variety of finishes for almost any application and color scheme. They also serve as chain extenders for ceiling fans.

The diameter of the 12 inch long ball pull chain is 1/8 "or 3.2mm. We have professional equipment to make high-quality products, and our customers are distributed around the world.

OEM/ ODM available, making design freely for ceiling fan pull chain

No MOQ limits for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, or companies.

Customization is available.

Choose Your Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

Our handmade ceiling fan pull chain is made of lighting glass, crystal, natural stone, unique metal parts, wood and high-quality materials. Durable components include connectors that are easy to open/close, and sturdy, thick gauge wires and chains that can withstand years of daily use.

If you need more ceiling fan pull chain, you can add notes in the order, and we will arrange for you, and the cost is very cheap.

Couldn’t find what you looking for?

Generally, there are stocks of common ceiling fan pull chains or raw materials in our warehouse. But if you have special demand, we also provide customization service. We also accept OEM/ODM.

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Why Choose Us As Your Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Supplier In China

As a professional ceiling fan pull chain manufacturer and factory, our positioning is to be a customer’s technical, production, after-sales, and R&D team, quickly and professionally provide various ceiling fan pull chain solutions to solve various ceiling fan pull chain problems encountered by customers. Our customers only need to do a good job in the sales of ceiling fan pull chains, the other things such as controlling cost, ceiling fan pull chain design & solutions, and after-sales, we will help customers deal with it in order to maximize customer benefits.

Fast Delivery: We provide a fast delivery service. mostly for normal lamp finials, it can be delivered within 3 days fastly. For big quantities, generally, it is 7-15days.

Stronger R&D: We are always keeping innovation in ceiling fan pull chains according to markets trend. It is ok to research and development based on your ideas and advice.

Competitive Price: Most of the ceiling fan pull chain especially ceiling fan glass pull chain, natural stone ceiling fan pull chain,and wood ceiling fan pull chain is much more competitive in price than other suppliers.

Technical Support: Providing installation、maintenance guidance, or technical training and lamp finials design solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

These custom ceiling fan pull chain can also be used as pull chain on floor lamps, desk lamps or other lamps! More than 100 kinds of eye-catching decorative designs include animal, sport, hobby, letter, Chinese character, occupation, art period, religion, symbol, automobile and other related designs.

The colors are also very rich. The conventional colors are brass, antique brass, nickel, black, white, etc. The conventional size is 12 inches and 36 inches long. Of course, you can contact the customer service for specific size requirements.

We will design and match according to your size requirements to ensure that your final requirements are met.

May i know the length of ceiling fan pull chain?

Usually is 12 inch, also have 36 inch. And according to your demand, reduce the length or add length.

What the color of ceiling fan pull chain?

The hot sell color is brass, antique brass color, silver, black, white, red bronze, and so on. Also, accept custom colors.

Are ceiling fan pull chain switches Universal?

Yes. These switches are suitable for most ceiling fans and ceiling fan lights. If you do not confirm, you can have a check before you start purchase.

What the material of ceiling fan pull chain?

Usually use iron, also have copper, and stainless steel, according to your demand and budget.

What the size of bead?

The hot sell size is 3mm, also has 3.2mm,3.5mm,4mm, and so on.

How do you fix a ceiling fan pull chain switch?

Disconnect the power supply, and check and confirm the repair or replacement. If can repair, just use the pull chain to replace; if need replace,just according to the ceiling fan pull chain switch model to purchase same model product to replace.

How do you stop a ceiling fan with a broken chain?

Disconnect the power, open the bottom of the fan, unscrew the screws with a screwdriver, and take out the damaged pull chain switch. Take photos or draw pictures to ensure complete install after replacement.

What the material of pull chain switch decoration?

Iron,zinc-alloy, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, ceramics, crystal, glass, marble, and so on.

What the shape of pull chain switch decoration?

Ellipse, rectangle, cube, cuboid, cylinder, irregular shapes, and so on.

What the size of pull chain switch decoration?

The length is generally 1-3 inches, the width is 1-2 inches, and the height is 1-2 inches.

What is the type of chain on a ceiling fan?

Popular, retro, art, nature, animals, modern and so on.

What work did i do before start purchase?

Confirm pull chain size, check ceiling fan pull chain switch model.

Can we use special material to replace pull chain?

Yeah.Some clients like use glass pull chain and crystal pull chain,and less clients like use the nylon pull chain and cotton rope pull chain.

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